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Are you creating free email accounts for your business simply to pinch a few pennies? A 2016 survey carried out by GoDaddy reported that a staggering 75% of consumers view a domain-based email as a source of trust when purchasing a product from a business. How many sales do you need to convert to make up for what your professional domain-based email might cost you? Not as many as you might think.

But it’s not just about the cost, although G Suite is very inexpensive (as low as $5/mth per user), there are many other reasons to switch to G Suite.

Here are a just a few reasons to consider making the move:


Does this sound familiar? You’ve built your presentation. You’ve sent your presentation to John who adds his own feedback directly to your presentation, he then emails you back a copy of the presentation call “My Presentation v2”. You then send it to Jane to be approved but she makes additional revisions and calls it “My Presentation v3”. While reviewing her edits you noticed she deleted a few slides. You then go back to your original presentation and try to add all of Jane’s suggestions. You send the copy back to John for review who notices that his changes were removed when Jane made her edits.

Built-in Chat

Google Hangouts is a unified communications service that allows members to initiate and participate in text, voice or video chats, either one-on-one or in a group.Hangouts are built into Gmail, and mobile Hangouts apps are available for iOS and Android devices.

With hangouts, you can also have conversations while working on a document together within the document. No need to switch between applicatios.

More Control

What if an employee leaves? Trying to get passwords for private accounts can be a sticky situation. WIth G Suite, an admin can reset the password on an employees account within seconds to prevent any potential loss of contacts/business.

Unlimited Cloud Storage

Oh the wonderful cloud. WIth G Suite Business, you get unlimited Team Drive and My Drive storage. The cloud doesn’t have to be a scary thing. Being able to access your files without the hassle of using VPN tokens or worrying about whether your hotel internet wil let you access your files is an amazing feelin.

Global email message notifications

Taking the entire team out to play laser tag? Running a campaign and not sure if all of your employees updated their signature? Global notifications allow you to add messages to every email sent from your domain.

Amazing Support

Although Gmail is a great product, if you don’t know how to do something or having trouble with a specific feature, you’re left fending for yourself in forums or Google searches. This might be okay for your personal email but when it comes to business – time is money. G Suite users have access to 24/7 support from Google as well as the ability to work Google Partners like Mind Surface.


There are too many features from G Suite to mention in this post. If you think you’re ready to make the switch, let us help you make the transition smoothly today! By partnering with Mind Surface we are able to get you exclusive G Suite Partner discount pricing.

Whether you use a vendor or not, make the switch. Your customers will thank you.