Google Workspace Implementation

Let our deployment team give you peace of mind to get your Google Workspace services up and running today.

Setup My Business With Google Workspace

Here's What To Expect

Our amazing team of ninjas will get you up and running as quickly as possible.
Get Me Set Up On Google Workspace!

One On One Consult

Meet with a G Suite Ninja to match G Suite to your business needs

DNS management

Domain verification and records setup

User/Alias Setup

Share an email? Create aliases for employees to manage inbound emails

User Creation

Create an email account for every employee

Partner Pricing

Access to Mind Surface’s discount pricing for various Google Workspace tiers

Calendar & Resource Setup

Create company calendars for vacations, meeting rooms, board rooms and anything else you need

Domain Purchase/Setup

Don’t have a domain, we can help you choose a domain suited for your business

Device Configuration

Hands-on setup for any device (laptops, cell phones) that can support Google Workspace

Shared Drives

Setup Shared Drive configuration (for Google Workspace Business only)

Security Setup

Manage 2-factor authentication, mobile device access, file access

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We will help you and your employees take full advantage of everything Google has to offer. Whether you have unique problems to solve or need help understanding a specific point of view, in-person training with Mind Surface will take you there.

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