G Suite Implementation

Let our deployment team give you peace of mind to get your G Suite services up and running today.

Setup My Business With G Suite

Here's What To Expect

Our amazing team of ninjas will get you up and running as quickly as possible.
Get Me Set Up On G Suite!

One On One Consult

Meet with a G Suite Ninja to match G Suite to your business needs

DNS management

Domain verification and records setup

User/Alias Setup

Share an email? Create aliases for employees to manage inbound emails

User Creation

Create an email account for every employee

G Suite Partner Pricing

Access to Mind Surface’s discount pricing for both G Suite Basic and Business

Calendar & Resource Setup

Create company calendars for vacations, meeting rooms, board rooms and anything else you need

Domain Purchase/Setup

Don’t have a domain, we can help you choose a domain suited for your business

Device Configuration

Hands-on setup for any device (laptops, cell phones) that can support G Suite

Team Drives

Setup Team Drive configuration (for G Suite Business only)

Security Setup

Manage 2-factor authentication, mobile device access, file access

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We will help you and your employees take full advantage of everything Google has to offer. Whether you have unique problems to solve or need help understanding a specific point of view, in-person training with Mind Surface will take you there.

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