Gmail & Calendar Training

Gmail and calendar go together like bacon and eggs or tofu and chickpeas if that's your thing. By using both of these services, users are able to manage communications, plan meetings, setup virtual calls and much more. Our trainers will show you how to maximize your labeling strategies to effectively manage your inbox and ensure you are a communication ninja.

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  • Beginner

    • Introduction to the Gmail interface
    • Introduction to the calendar interface
    • Introduction to the contacts interface
    • Introduction to labels
    • Gmail settings and layout...and many more.

  • Intermediate

    • Nested lables
    • Desktop notification setup
    • Contact migration
    • Task list creation
    • Introduction to hangouts...and even more!

  • Ninja

    • Email automation
    •Import/export calendars
    • Mobile calendar syncing
    • Event video calling
    • Advanced search...and other secrets.

Customized Gmail & Calendar training for your business.

We will help you and your employees take full advantage of everything Gmail & Calendar has to offer from simply booking a meeting to creating tags and organize everyday tasks. Whether you have unique problems to solve or need help understanding a specific point of view, in-person training with Mind Surface will take you there.

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