Sheets Training

With the Google Sheets web application, users are able to create, edit, update and modify spreadsheets live online simultaneously. With the Mind Surface training approach, we take users from the basic concept of creating a spreadsheet to becoming collaboration ninjas. Our trainers will show you how to get the most out of add-ons, scripts and connecting with all of the other applications in G Suite..

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  • Beginner

    • Introduction to working with sheets and cells
    • Introduction to online collaboration with sheets
    • Sheets settings
    • Introduction to add-ons
    • Introduction to Sheets and Google Drive…and many more

  • Intermediate

    • Revision management
    • Introduction to Sheets and Google Forms
    • Introduction to data manipulation including filtering and sorting
    • Data security and privacy
    • Introduction to formulas…and even more!

  • Ninja

    • Charting and graphs
    • PIvot tables
    • Advanced formulas and functions
    • Pre-built and custom script editor
    • Notification rules for monitoring changes…and other secrets

Customized Sheets training for your business.

We will help you and your employees take full advantage of everything Google Sheets has to offer from simply storing simple data to complete pivot tables and graphs. Whether you have unique problems to solve or need help understanding a specific point of view, in-person training with Mind Surface will take you there.

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